Our Services

From September 2006 to October 31, 2021, Kids ‘n’ Dad has operated as a full service, if small, social agency. Covid-19 and age of the founder resulted in the decision to close our office space, voluntarily surrender our charity status, and reflect on the organization’s next steps.

Core Services

Web Site: The Kids ‘n’ Dad website has been updated, renewed and broadened to include the lessons learned from the past 16 years. It is a legacy project intended to reach families that may be contemplating separating, or may be in the early stages of separating, or may be navigating the life-long journey of change in their family.

Consultation: One-on-one interview evaluating your individual situation. Each client will receive a package of resources tailored to their family’s specific needs.

Parenting Plan: A collaborative process to support parent(s) in developing a co-operative plan that ensures children have two involved parents after a separation.

Mediation Services/Related Services: Parents are directed to mediators, related professionals, and counseling services to support their efforts to arrive at enduring parenting plans.

Support Groups: To be determined based on need. They may include in-person meetings.

You’re Still Dad: A unique, open support group that accepts new members on a weekly basis.

Guest Speaker: On topics related to shared parenting through changed family circumstances. Subjects include parenting in a changed family; blended families; grandparents; legal challenges; obstacles; and advocacy.


A decade ago Kids ‘n’ Dad Shared Support initiated a community outreach to build a network of agencies for a project that is now called the Family Renewal Resources Project (FRRP). It came to be because after several years of Kids ‘n’ Dad operations, it was recognized that a holistic approach to supporting separating/separated families was necessary.