Links and Resources


“The Child-Up Parenting Plan” by Gary Direnfeld:

“Nonresidential Parenting After Divorce” by Sandra J. Bailey, Montana State University:

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“Delivering Parenting in Divorced Families” by Dr. Gary J. Kneier:–Child-Sharing-Schedules.pdf


“Helping children cope with separation and divorce” by Caring for Kids:

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“Breaking Down the Most Brilliant Scene in ‘Eighth Grade'” by Ben Caps, Reel Rundown:


“Mother Thanks Court for Shared Parenting” by Robert Franklin, National Parents Organization Blog Archive:

“Survey: Moms’ Income, Well-being Enhanced by Equal Parenting” by Robert Franklin, National Parents Organization Blog Archive:


“Butting heads with your child’s grandparents? Here’s how to make peace” by Kristen Rogers, CNN:


“Parents Have Input Until The Gavel Comes Down” by Gary Direnfeld:

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“Custody/Access Assessments” by Gene C. Colman, Family Law Centre:

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“What I Wish My Parents Had Said When I Came Out As Gay” by Kevin Naulls, CBC:

“Advice on Coming Out to Your Kids From Gay Dads Who’ve Been There” by Scott Kearnan, Gay with Kids:

“Dwyane Wade: My Transgender Daughter Knew Her Identity At 3 Years Old” by Curtis M. Wong, Huffpost:

“Still Hidden in the Closet: Trans Women and Domestic Violence” by Kae Greenberg:

Domestic Violence

“Signs of an Abusive Relationship” The Family Place:

Abuse Warning Signs, “Understand Relationship Abuse” National Domestic Violence Hotline:

“Domestic Violence” Waterloo Regional Police:

“Children exposed to domestic violence represent almost 50% of substantiated investigations by Ontario Children’s Aid Societies” Ontario Association of Children’s Aid Societies:

“Top 100 Traits & Behaviors of Personality-Disordered Individuals” Out of the Fog:

“Domestic Violence Against Men” Wikipedia:

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“Still Hidden in the Closet: Trans Women and Domestic Violence” by Kae Greenberg:


“Child Support From Third Parties” by Gene C. Colman, Family Law Centre:

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“For the Self Represented” by Gene C. Colman Family Law Centre:

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“Layperson Guides to procedure in the Ontario Court of Justice – Family Court” Fathers Resources International: