“I like to see him (his son Karter) before the game,” said the Raptors star point guard. “It makes me whole. He doesn’t watch the game out there. He watches in the back. For me, I tell him I love him. He tells me good luck. We have a talk. You’ve got a good thing like that going. I give him a kiss. You have that in your life, what have you got to be mad about. You go out and do your job with ease.”

Excerpt from the Toronto Sun Dec. 25, 2014

Talking About Fathers

Kyle Lowry captures the transformation that becoming a dad brought to his life. It changed and balanced his priorities – it brought true meaning for the rest of his life.

Every dad understands his words and can relate to the transformation that takes place.

Talking about fatherhood is complicated because of the many roads and relationships that may have brought us to becoming a dad. Different histories and family dynamics can bring different challenges during the separation process. However, we all share a common fear: losing our relationship with our child.

Supporting Fathers

We at Kids ‘n’ Dad recognize that the continuation of that father-child relationship is crucial. In this section there will be an opportunity to hear the words of fathers engaged in the everyday struggle to be an effective and loving parent.

Please listen and understand the challenges. Listen to be an inspired parent that provides your children with the best of yourself in order to nurture the best in your child. Listen to learn the tools necessary to be an effective parent and how you can acquire those needed skills. Listen to know that you are not alone in this journey.

I have yet to meet a dad who with the right support cannot be an amazing dad…for a lifetime!

The greatest gift that you can give your child is a sense that you’re a “forever father” who’s deeply committed to parenting.

Judith Wallerstein: What About the Kids

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