A Personal History

Some 25 years ago, I agreed to leave the matrimonial home. That night I slept on the floor beside my twelve-year-old daughter’s bed in some wishful hope that she would sense my love for her was forever, through whatever.

In the end, every caring relationship was tested in unimaginable ways. I experienced every possible negative emotion during the days, weeks, months and even years ahead. My children’s grandparents never made it to see our family make it through the chaos to a calmer place, to our version of renewal. They were direct casualties of a failed process.

I made it through more by chance than through good choices. Kids ‘n’ Dad is about reducing chance and providing a model that supports children and parents to find the right supports on their journey to Family Renewal. It is the best of what I have learned along the way—both through my own journey and through the challenges faced by over 600 clients. It is my hope is that you take the time required to navigate the site. It includes assessment tools, personal essays, articles, and research papers on best practices to support separating families.

For the past 15 years I have been dedicated to supporting other families as they attempt to navigate the emotional turmoil and systemic chaos that is our separating process. My work with over 600 parents, grandparents and stepparents has shown me that a parent’s love for their child is stronger than any anger for a former partner. Sometimes this truth is lost to a broken legal process and the inevitable difficult emotions encountered during separation, but family renewal is about ensuring that the anger of the moment does not disrupt the long-term best interests for your family.

I wish I could say enjoy the site, but the reality is that your family is in crisis, and the way out of crisis is cloudy and uncertain. But that you are here tells me that you are determined to be an important parent in your child’s life forever. This site is about celebrating each parent’s lifelong importance in their child’s life.

Open Letters: