Kids ‘n’ Dad exists to help parents make the best possible choices for their family throughout separation by recognizing and respecting the need for cooperative parenting in each child’s life.


Kids ‘n’ Dad services families in the Waterloo Region. Its goal is to ensure that children from a separated family have two parents co-operating and actively supporting them as they develop and mature into adulthood.

Research into father involvement provides evidence that children are most likely to have positive outcomes when they have an active, supportive father. The challenge is to ensure that this supportive involvement continues post separation.

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What We Do

Kids ‘n’ Dad hopes to engage every separating family who desires that their children have a loving, positively involved, and enduring relationship with both parents and extended families. Our web site provides a roadmap for navigating the difficult journey of separation with a step-by-step approach that separating parents can follow, when possible. However, the ideas offered in each section can be utilized at any time during the separation journey.

Kids ‘n’ Dad is not about selling a concept of a “happy family separation”, as we recognize that family separation is always more painful and challenging than imagined. However, we hope that the knowledge and resources on our site can help to eliminate the most significant fear for separating parents: losing their relationship with their child.

Kids ‘n’ Dad is about a separation process where each parent is respected and deemed as a key partner in the child’s life. We hope to educate separating parents about making good choices that reduce and even eliminate many of the negative outcomes for children, parents, and extended family. Our goal is that each parent will be able to look back at the road travelled and take some comfort in what you have accomplished together in loving and meeting the needs of your children.

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